The European Mentoring & Coaching Council develops and promotes best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe.

The project:

The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) hold a number of very popular conferences across Europe.

Historically, the EMCC provided printed literature to attendees, but this was becoming cumbersome as well as problematic due to changing information. EMCC also required a simple method to contact all attendees at a conference.

The results:

We delivered a cross-device mobile application, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, meaning the app was accessible to all attendees, regardless of their device type. Alongside providing conference information and timetables, attendees can also build their own timetable of sessions they would like to partake in, leave feedback on these sessions and network with other attendees via an in-app messaging system.

Enabling the EMCC to be able to notify attendees of important information, such as room changes, was a vital feature of the new app which we delivered through push notifications.

Behind the mobile application, we also developed a web application from which the EMCC admin team can manage all aspects of the app and can send notifications instantly to all or specific attendees.

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