A novel idea for training providers to collaborate on course bookings

The challenge:

Training courses are often difficult to fill, our client therefore required a database where training providers could share course dates and enable other providers to book candidates onto courses.

Our solution:

Being a unique idea, we worked in partnership with our client to carefully plan the new database to clearly understand how the process would need to operate.

Each training provider has their own login, allowing them to advertise their own courses on the platform and book candidates onto courses from other providers.

The system automatically sends email confirmations and allows providers to communicate within the platform, removing the need for lengthy email conversations.

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Key features:

  • API to display available courses on training provider websites
  • Import courses from spreadsheet
  • Export courses to spreadsheet
  • Ability for providers to communicate easily
  • Email integration
  • Mobile friendly

Communicate with providers

Training providers can communicate with each other within the system.

Communicate with providers



Bookings made and received can be easily managed by members.

Selling prices

Every provider can enter their own selling price for each course.

Selling prices

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